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Birthday Parties at Home: Everything You Need to Know!


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Every parent wants their to be fun, exciting, and memorable. Hosting a party at home is a convenient and cost-effective option, but how can parents keep a group of young children entertained for several hours? If you’re planning an at-home birthday party, read the tips below to make sure your child’s birthday is unforgettable.

1. Choose the Room and Prepare the House
The first step of planning an at-home birthday party is to choose where in your house it will take place. Consider the weather for day of the party: If the sun is shining, you can have the party outside, but if not, bring the fun indoors. Living rooms, kitchens, and lounges make ideal party rooms, because they’re large communal areas. Close the door of any room you don’t want children making messes in, such as your bedroom. Finally, tidy up the bathroom the kids will use, so you won’t have to worry about how it looks.

2. Know Your Numbers
When planning a birthday party, make sure you know exactly how many children will attend; you don’t want children showing up unexpectedly and crowding your house. Including an RSVP request with the invitations can help gauge how big the party will be. After you know the number of kids coming, you can buy the right amount of food, drink, and utensils for everyone. Remember to get a big enough cake too!

3. Ensure Safety
As is always true when there are children in your home, you have to ensure their safety at all times. Always supervise their activities, especially if the party is outside near a swimming pool. Also be sure that no one wanders off of your property. Whether the party is outside or in, it helps to have multiple parents watching over the children so nothing goes unnoticed. You can even hire a lifeguard for the party from companies such as elifeguardonduty, who are trained to monitor pools and prevent accidents. Finally, you should put away any potentially harmful items in your home before the party starts.

4. Choose a Theme
The final step of planning an at-home birthday party is to choose a theme. Try picking a theme that will appeal to all kinds of children, such as pirates or Disney. If you need more theme ideas, check out this article. Once you have chosen a theme your child and their friends will love, you can plan activities and games around the theme that the party-goers can do. For example, the children can make crafts related to the theme–kids love making things and getting messy! To make the party even more exciting, you can hire a clown or magician for live entertainment.

Planning an at-home birthday party may be difficult, but with these tips in mind, you can throw your a child a an exciting party they’ll always remember. And once you have the party figured out, you can start shopping for gifts