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Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

If your child’s birthday is coming up soon, you may be racking your brain trying to figure out a fun party theme that they will enjoy. If that’s the case, you’re in luck. Here you’ll find ideas that are sure to keep your child and their friends entertained for hours.

Laser Tag

If you have a boisterous little one a laser tag themed party may be the right choice for you. The theme works well for both boys and girls, but laser tag centers often have age requirements, so make sure that you check in advance. Many laser tag centers also offer birthday party packages, all you have to do is bring the cake. You may even be able to get a discount based on the size of the group you’re bringing for the party if you book in advance.

Princess Party

Have the birthday girl and the guests arrive in princess dresses for the festivities. If you want to step it up a notch, you could even have everyone dress up as their favorite princess from a Disney movie. Make sure that you have plenty of princess themed treats, like pink cupcakes with sparkly sugar sprinkles and pink lemonade to drink.

Superhero Party

A superhero themed party is a great idea for both boys and girls. Allow all of the guests to come dressed as their favorite superhero, and make sure to focus the overall theme around your child’s favorite heroes. For example, if they really love Superman use red and blue balloons and streamers, or green and purple for the Hulk. Handing out gift bags filled with superhero themed items like silly string for Spiderman or ring pops to represent Green Lantern’s power ring is a sure way to delight your little guests.

Inflatable Castle

Inflatable castles, also called bounce houses, are a great way for kids to spend the afternoon. There easy to rent, and perfect if you have a yard with a lot of space. If your yard doesn’t have that much room you could still contact your city’s park service about renting space in a public park. If you’re dealing with a slightly older crowd forget the regular bounce house and consider getting the kind that’s equipped with a climbing wall and slide.

Children’s Entertainer

If you want to have a more low key party in the comfort of your own home, consider hiring a children’s entertainer. There are many to choose from, so you’re sure to find someone that can keep a group of kids entertained for a few hours before it’s time for cake and presents. A few choices to consider are clowns, magicians, puppeteers, or even animal handlers.


Slightly older kids might enjoy a disco themed party. You’ll need to rent out a larger venue and hire a DJ for this type of party in most cases. You’ll also need to provide the food because most rented venues won’t. If you plan to host a smaller gathering, and you have the space and understanding neighbors, you could even host the party at your own home to save money.

Jungle Party

Buy some animal masks or face paint and some jungle inspired d├ęcor, and you can turn your child’s birthday into a wild adventure. Kick the party up a notch by hiring an animal handler to bring small jungle friends or reptiles to the gathering to delight your child and their guests.

Swimming Party

Swimming parties are a great way to celebrate summer birthdays. If you don’t own a pool of your own you can often rent out your town’s local pool for a few hours. Make sure to bring plenty of floaties and inflatable toys for the kids to play with. You should also make sure that you bring along a cooler with plenty of cold treats and drinks for the kids to enjoy.