Saturday, June 15

Birthday Party Planning for Tomboys


Not all girls enjoy activities that are sterotypically girly, or sometimes a girl might just want something different from a princess party. There are many ideas out there for girls that aren’t makeovers or tea parties that can be fun events for all the children at the party.

One perfect idea for the girl who loves cinema is a movie night party. Renting favorite movies and enjoying favorite theater snacks like popcorn is a great way to spend a birthday. This party idea is pretty affordable, as well as good for all ages. The only difference needed for different age groups is what movie, and how many snacks.

A similar idea for a gamer girl is going to a video game birthday party place or laser tag. There are many multiplayer games out there, and consoles available for rent. The main concern with this party is watching out for extra competitiveness, but in addition to competitive multiplayer, co-op multiplayer is available for many games.

Backyard campouts are another timeless treat. With guests bringing their own tents, you can have camping related competitions, including how fast those tents can be pitched. For campouts, smores are traditional fare, as are other things cooked on a fire. Just be ready for the ghost stories to scare some of the girls into sleeping inside on the couches rather than outside in the tents.

If you have a girl who loves solving mysteries, you can set up a party around solving one. Everyone is their own character when they arrive at the party, and once they get there, the crime, like a murder, occurs, and the guests have to solve it. Add clues from different sources throughout the party, then have everyone reveal who they think the murder is. It’s great to get everyone talking

For something active and outdoors, a sports party is a great option. Either a backyard or a community park is a great place to play sports, and have a sports themed cake and pinata. Go creative with the shapes! If there’s a local minor league team, going to a game can also be a great idea.

A fun idea, but one that takes a lot of preparation is a Survivor themed party. Basically, have obstacles and tiki torches, with teams having their own color t-shirts. Eating challenges can be things like brussels sprouts and odd food the kids may never have seen before.

Finally, laser tag or paintball is great for anyone who loves to go into competitive mode. It’s fun, and will tire them out to make for a calm trip home after the kids birthday parties.

There are plenty of great ideas out there for tomboys. Have fun with the party!