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Birthday Statistics 2016-2017

Birthday Statistics 2017

A person’s date of birth is considered to be an extremely significant date in their lives. Your birthday determines your astrological sign, the methods by which you can celebrate your birthday, and many other things that people do not often consider. For this reason, there has been a significant amount of statistical research performed on birthdays, and whether or not they have an impact on various aspects of our lives. Here are a few facts related to birthday statistics:

Dying On Your Birthday

Various researchers that study mortality rates over long periods of time have comes to the conclusion that you are more likely to die on your birthday than any other day of the year ( The numbers are inflated to a degree by men who commit suicide on their birthday, but there is an alarming fourteen percent increase in the likelihood that a person will die on the day of their birth. Speculation for as to why this occurs is that people are often overcome with the stress of getting another year older, and often reflect on the successes or failures of the past year. This can lead to potential heart attacks, strokes, or suicides due to increased stress levels.

The Odds of Having the Same Birthday

According to research, if a group of thirty people are together, there is almost a one-hundred percent chance that two of them will have the same birthday. A few simple calculations ( will show that, despite the small number of people, two of them will most certainly have the same birthday. This is an important factor for many different industries to consider.

College Athletics

Data gathered by the NCAA seems to suggest that the a person’s birthday can have a significant effect on whether or not an individual succeeds in college athletics programs ( The factual nature behind this claim is actually quite simple. Certain periods of the year results in children who are older than their peers in each grade level. The older children are more likely to be labeled talented than their peers who may be less developed both physically and emotionally. As such, these individuals are often given enhanced access to training and coaching, resulting in a more successful athletic career by the time the individual reaches college age.


According to statistical research on birthdays, there is a significant spike in the numbers of babies being born in the Summer months, particularly in August ( The reasoning for this is likely to do with the Fall and Winter seasons keeping people indoors more often, leading to more potentially intimate scenarios as a result. This trend of August containing the most birthdays has been ongoing for the majority of the past couple decades. Restaurants and other industries that make a significant amount of money on birthdays are likely to see a significant spike in their revenue during the month of August.

Famous Birthdays

There has been much debate over whether or not an individual’s date of birth has a correlation with the chances of them becoming famous. However, according to a recent study mapping birthdays of 46,000 famous people to their respective dates, there may actually be a strange correlation present in the data ( The study is divided into the birthday statistics of famous sports players, artists, writer, scientists, and other occupations. With the data aggregated, there is a significantly higher amount of famous birthdays present in Spring, particularly in the month of May. In addition, there is a high density of famous birthdays on the particular date of March 4th. The reasoning for this is unknown, but the data provides interesting results nonetheless.