Saturday, June 15

Funny Birthday Gifts For Friends and Family

glitter bomb mail card
glitter bomb mail card

It’s the best way to say “I love You” to a friend than sending them something completely unexpected and funny. It’s true that laughter is the best medicine. However, it can also make the perfect gift for any occasion, especially a birthday. These are some hilarious gifts for birthdays that will remind them why they’re friends.

You may not be able to be there for your friend’s birthday in person, so you might be searching for the perfect gift to send by mail. Send them a person instead of a virtual friend! You can hire a singing telegram! As an unexpected musical birthday gift. To add some humor to the big day, send the telegram if your friend is a great comedian and works in a relaxed setting.

Glitter Bomb Cards

This might be more of an enemy gift since we all know how hard it can be to clean up glitter after it has been spilled. A glitter bomb is a tube containing glitter that explodes upon opening. This will make a mess in their home, but they’ll be reminded of how good a friend they are every time they see a spark. You can ship your enemies glitter bombs also at

Adult Coloring Books

An adult coloring book is a great gift for your creative friends. It wouldn’t be a gift if it wasn’t hilarious. Gift them the perfect coloring book to show them how much you value their sense of humor and creativity. There are many options available, from the People of Walmart to humorous books for moms to be funny with, so there is no shortage of choices.

A Picture of Your Face

You can now order almost any customized item online. You can include your face on a gift to show your friend how much you care. Custom socks, t-shirts, and mugs can be personalized with your name on them. You can even make cardboard cutouts of yourself. You’ll be remembered by them forever, that’s certain.

Funny Cards

The perfect gift is incomplete without the perfect card. There are plenty of funny cards that can be found at every store. But that doesn’t mean you have to go crazy. You don’t need to find the perfect birthday card. Instead, try something different. For your friend’s 30th, “Happy 75th Birthday Grandma” makes a great greeting card. You can send a quinceanera or congratulations card if they are sensitive about the aging process. No matter what occasion it is, they will be confused if you don’t give them the best card.