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Planning Winter Indoor Birthday Parties

Plan a Fun Winter Indoor Birthday Party

Winter is here and so is your child’s birthday! Are you worried about how and where you are going to throw a birthday party for your little one now that it is cold, snowy, or rainy outside? Don’t feel bad- you aren’t the only parent who has struggled with what to do for their little one when the options are limited to indoor activities. Luckily, there really are many different birthday activities that can be done during the colder months. Read on for a number of fun and exciting birthday party ideas that will be a big hit during the winter months.

Swimming and Slumbering Party

Do you want to do a bit of a twist on the typical slumber party? Why not have it a hotel that offers an indoor pool? Check out local hotels and reserve your own private suite or two. Many rooms can be found for just under a $100 a night. Make sure the hotel has an indoor pool that the kids can swim in- the perfect solution for those cold winter days! Who wouldn’t want to pretend that it is summer again? Ask if you can use one of their meeting rooms to have cake and ice cream in afterward. Then, retire to the rooms and play games, watch movies, do crafts, and have a great slumber party!

Ice Skating Party

If you are near an indoor ice-skating rink, hold the birthday party there and get ready to have a blast. Talk to the facility about hiring someone from their staff to help teach beginners how to actually skate. Many skating rinks offer party packages and the use of their rooms for cake, ice cream, and presents. However, if you are planning to keep the guest list down, consider buying the tickets separately and have cake at your own house. It will help keep the cost down, especially if there are kids who don’t show up after saying they will.

Wonderland Party

If the birthday boy or girl is celebrating in the winter months, why not have a holiday-themed party? Line your floors with cotton, hang large snowflakes in the party room, blow up white balloons and place them all around the room, and string white lights everywhere. Keeps kids busy with a cookie decorating station where they can decorate pre-made cookies with sprinkles, icing, and candies. Set up a gingerbread house that the kids can then decorate with multiple colors of icing and different candies.

Puppet or Theater Party

Check your local community theaters for kid-themed plays. Many offer holiday plays specifically for kids to attend. Bring the whole party out for the show and then go out for ice cream or a snack after. You may also wish to set up an ice-cream sundae bar in your own home to keep venue costs down. Make up a goody bag with pens and autograph books that the kids can play with after the show.

Lego Party

Your local craft store may offer a Lego building party, but you can just as easily set one up in your own home. Look for inexpensive Lego and Bionicle kits that the kids can build with, or set around plastic buckets filled with assorted Legos for the children who would rather create their own masterpiece. Make it a Lego-themed party with a Lego cake and Lego cut-outs.

Mall and Movie Party

Bring the kids in on a cold winter’s day to your local mall for a game of laser tag or visit an arcade. Consider having a scavenger hunt inside the mall that includes a snack or lunch. Many malls have theaters that show the latest movie, so plan on bringing the kids to a movie after they eat. You may also take advantage of the holiday train rides many malls often set up during the winter. What kid doesn’t love a train ride!

Cooking Party

An easy indoor activity for kids of all ages is a cooking party. Kids can create and cook their own meal; plus, this idea can be adapted to accommodate children of every age. Have a pizza-making party by setting out already-prepared dough balls for each child to roll out themselves. Set out various bowls of sauce, grated cheese, and assorted toppings for the kids to put on their personal pizzas. Provide individual wooden spoons, aprons, and chef hats as party favors. The kids will love dressing up and pretending to be chefs!

Rock Climbing Party

Look in your area for an indoor rock climbing gym. Most will offer party packages for birthdays with various climbing structures for kids of all ages. It’s a great place to take kids who may need to burn off some excess energy! Most packages include all the gear needed and staff who will be there the whole time the party is going on.

Hockey Game Party

Does your child love hockey? If so, a hockey-themed party is the way to go. Check your local team’s website for group tickets, or look for local minor league or college games if you need to stick to a lower budget. Many of the local rinks also offer other fun activities inside the building, such as arcade games, laser tag, and mini rides. For goody bags, pack a drawstring bag with water bottles and hockey t-shirts.

Additional Tips

If you need extra help with the planning of the birthday party or for help during and after the actual event, consider hiring a housekeeper or babysitter for a few hours. They can help you keep up with the cooking, cleaning, and actual watching over of the children.

Don’t panic if your child was born in the winter months. There are many winter activities that can be incorporated into a party that your child and his or her friends will love. Don’t be scared to embrace the many winter events that are happening around your area! With just a little planning, your child will have an amazing birthday party they will remember the rest of their lives.