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Low Stress Birthday Planning For Kids

How To Plan the Perfect Child’s Birthday Party and Melt the Stress Away

Your children’s birthday parties will become some of their most treasured memories for life. Parents want to plan a party like a pro, however, thinking about the details can be a nightmare when there is no master plan in place. By adding a little ingenuity and following a successful party model, you don’t have to break the bank to have the best birthday party on the block. Let’s take a look at some of the top trending tips to make your child’s birthday party a blast:

Getting Started on a Child’s Birthday Party

1. Decide on a theme to coordinate the cake, treats and decorations.
2. Ask your child about what appeals to him the most.
3. You may wish to talk to his teacher for suggestions on a theme and to obtain the contact information for his classmates. The teacher may also give you some good ideas for a venue if you wish to have an outdoor playground at your disposal.
4. Involve your child with making the invitations and let her sign her own name on the cards.
5. Once your theme is in place, you are ready to design your cake and collect party d├ęcor for a perfect match.

Tips For Making the Party List

1. Children can be sensitive, so if you are planning to invite her entire class, please be sure not to leave someone out. Your child’s party for the entire class is a great way for her to make fast friends and be introduced to classmates she barely knows. In addition, this is a good public relations move for her popularity in the subsequent school years.

2. Invite adult friends and family to assemble after the children’s party is over. No need to cook as you may opt for pizza or potluck to keep your day moving seamlessly and stress free.

3. If your child is below school age, it is recommended that you keep the party head count low. Small children are prone to becoming overwhelmed in large, clamorous settings. The little ones should have just a handful of guests that they know very well.

That Are Age Appropriate

1. When planning a birthday party for a toddler, be sure to keep it simple. As they do not yet have full command of language, they require activities that are tactile and engaging. Fun toddler activities include blowing bubbles, crawling through colorful tunnels, using plastic cookie cutters to make Play Dough shapes, and singing songs.

2. Pre-school children will enjoy a more lively party scene that includes the toddler activities plus musical chairs, follow the leader, catching balls, and finger painting. Child-safe paints should be water colors only, which are easy to use and to clean up.

3. Kindergarten children have more manual dexterity than pre-school kids and they love to work with their hands. This age groups enjoys some of the pre-school activities plus making arts and crafts. You may wish to buy inexpensive art supplies and let them decorate their own party hats. To get the ball rolling, make a couple of sample hats and use them to adorn your birthday table.

4. Older social and may wish for their friends to spend the night. Let’s face it, parents, slumber parties are here to stay and they make wonderful memories for the whole family. Age appropriate activities include cooking, decorating cookies, karaoke, and board games. Depending on your child’s maturity level, you might add a scavenger hunt, a game of Bingo, and skin care sessions with a makeover. To spice up the games, small prizes from a dollar store can add a lot of incentives and excitement.

When planning your next birthday party, the main goal is just to have fun. Whether you spend a little or spend a bit more, children remember the sights, sounds, and tastes of a party well done. Parents can not go wrong when keeping it real and planning from the heart. And once you learn the necessary party planning skills, planning your next big event will be a piece of cake.