Saturday, May 18

The Pros and Cons of a Birthday Proposal

If you are considering proposing to your fiancée on her birthday, there are some pros and cons you should be aware of first.

So, you’re ready to pop the big question. Great! First, you will have to take into consideration a few factors. The is without a doubt the most important issue to consider. Then, you will have to plan how you will actually propose to your future bride, which will include whether or not you will be getting down on one knee to do it. As you look through the upcoming months for a date, you may think that her is a great day to propose. Popping the big question on this important date does have pros and cons, so we talked to wedding planner Hollie Starks to help you determine if you should go for it or not.

Pro: You will have an element of surprise

Hollie Starks is the owner of Hollis Starks & Company, and she absolutely loves proposals. She believes that the bride-to-be won’t think that something this big will happen on her birthday, so the groom-to-be will have the element of surprise on their side. It makes it easier to plan a sneaky proposal.

Con: She may hate celebrating her birthday

Everyone is different when it comes to birthday celebrations. Some k while others dread the fact they are turning a year older. If your girlfriend is one of the latter, don’t use that day to propose. Save it for a day she will already be happy about.

Pro: You may already have loved ones gathered

If your girlfriend is one who loves to celebrate with friends and family, then proposing on her birthday will make it that much easier to those who really matter to her. It will also make it easier to plan a special date with her close friends and family members without her becoming suspicious.

Con: One event will probably overshadow the other

Getting engaged to your loved one is a big deal. A proposal on her birthday will likely overshadow the fact that it was her special day. You can prevent this by emphasizing her birthday as much as possible. Make sure that you get a present for her that is only for her birthday and nothing else. Starks recommends never making the engagement ring the actual birthday present. Some women may not wish to share their actual birthday with their engagement date. If this is something that concerns you, it is probably better to wait for another day to get down on one knee.

Pro: You can make the actual proposal unique

Starks encourages the of making the proposal part of the birthday celebration. There are many possible ways to propose, such as a ring in a champagne glass as you sing happy birthday, a ring surrounding a candle on her cake, or asking her to marry you in a blank birthday card.

Con: The timing may not be the best

If your future bride-to-be has a , it may not be as easy to celebrate her birthday AND propose, due to time restrictions. If this is the case, put together a birthday celebration that is not on the day of her actual birth. For example, you could host an early birthday party at a local restaurant the weekend before. After all her friends and family show up, pop the question in whatever way you would like. A groom may also want to propose on his birthday, a date that we can guarantee will shock and surprise her! No matter what you decide, the proposal should be memorable, genuine, and as romantic as possible. She will love it, no matter what date it happens to fall on!